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Simply Relate

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If you’re a parent who wants a better relationship with your child or teen, then this journal is for you. I don’t believe that parents wake up one morning and say to themselves ‘how can I screw my child up today?’ I believe that parents want the absolute best for their children. And my experience is that they know what they know and don’t know what they don’t know.

All parents want to understand their child, accept their child, and want to communicate effectively and intimately with their child. But they may not know how.

The #1 complaint of teenagers in my years of practice is that their parents don’t understand them. They don’t feel accepted, sometimes anywhere. And they don’t know how to communicate effectively or intimately. This journal will walk you and your child through all of that and more.

This journal gives you and your loved one lots to do through questions to answer, sentences to complete, lists to make and assignments to do together. This journal will challenge you in ways you have never thought of.